jQuery Mobile 1.4正式版发布

jQuery Mobile 1.4 正式版发布了,改进记录请看之前发布的 BetaRC 版本。详细列表请看 ChangeLog jQuery Mobile(jQueryMobile) 是 jQuery 在手机上和平板设备上的版本。jQuery Mobile 不仅会给主流移动平台带来jQuery核心库,而且会发布一个完整统一的jQuery移动UI框架。支持全球主流的移动平台。jQuery Mobile开发团队说:能开发这个项目,我们非常兴奋。移动Web太需要一个跨浏览器的框架,让开发人员开发出真正的移动Web网站。我们将尽全力去满 足这样的需求。 下载地址:jquery.mobile-1.4.0.zip

jQuery Mobile 1.4.0 RC1 变化

  • 新特性:Setting data-defaults=”true” will skip checking of data-attributes for widget options
  • 变化:Classes “ui-icon-nodisc” and “ui-icon-alt” have been renamed to ui-nodisc-icon and ui-alt-icon, because using the same naming structure as for icon classes (ui-icon-search, ui-icon-delete, etc.) was causing conflicts.
  • 变化:Default for panel option theme is now null (inherit) instead of “a”.
  • 变化:Widgets outside pages inherited the theme from the overlay but we reverted this change because of conflicts during transitions. You have to set a theme for widgets outside a page.
  • 变化:Renamed content widget to pagecontainer widget
  • 废弃 class ui-hide-label (was meant to be used with field containers). Basically it negated the effect of field containers so you get the same result by not using field containers and adding class ui-hidden-accessible to the label.
  • 废弃 $.mobile.activePageClass, $.mobile.activeBtnClass, $.mobile.focusClass
  • 废弃 buttonMarkup method
  • 废弃 table-stroke and table-stripe classes
  • 废弃 $.mobile.getDocumentUrl and $.mobile.getDocumentBase – both are available from $.mobile.path
  • 废弃 $.mobile.activePage. Use the getActivePage method on content widget or activePage property